Tuesday, June 22, 2010

no posts for 2010?

clearly i've been neglecting this little space....

it's june. and the sun is trying desperately to shine. and i'm taking an economics class. and even so, i love love love my life.

here's something i like:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


last night i dreamed that you offered me a trip to denmark.
it's already paid for, you said.
whenever you want to go, we'll go.
we'll go sometime this year.
what kind of work will we be doing, i asked.
what does this entail?
but you assured me that although you were going to be working,
i would only be resting.
denmark was going to be nice, you said.
and i think you wanted to take care of me.

al franken is my hero

Al Franken makes my little heart sore. Watching him fresh-faced in the senate over the last few months has really excited me... He's such a great performer (obviously, because he's a great comedian) and I love that he's not afraid to just burst into his "This is totally fucked!" moments.

Because the senate is totally fucked. And politicians are fucked. And everyone's lying and making stuff up, and Franken is so new that he's not afraid to call them out and say that they are acting crazy. It's refreshing. He often takes the words right out of my mouth.

It makes me excited for the movie that's eventually going to come out about Franken and his fight against the establishment. You know what I mean, underdog comedian takes on Republican strong-hold in an all out battle for the seat, wins after a long, drawn out recount, and then takes on the entrenched Senate--new blood mixing with old blood--he doesn't follow anyone's rules but his own. It's going to be glorious.

I'm going to say it here folks, I think Franken might one day be a serious contender for President of the United States of America. Yes.

Here's his moment from this week, compliments of Talkingpointsmemo.com:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

last thursday i had the day off unexpectedly so i decided to ride my bike to a lake just outside the city.
i rode fast and listened to camera obscura.
i got lost only once.

and when i got there i sat on the dock and ate a sandwich.
i embraced nature, listened close.
and found that all i could hear were cars.

because this lake is not actually outside the city, it's actually better to say that it's inside the city...
a barrier of trees is the only thing that separates the lake from the highway, and it must create some sort of amphitheater because the sounds of the city were much more dominant out there in the middle of the lake than they are when you're in the thick of the concrete.

it was kind of amazing.

there were also ducks. and a father on a playdate with his sons.
and the trees had just turned red.
and i was happy to be there despite all the noise.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i was walking down main street today on my way to work when a terrible sound burst out over and over and over... i looked around and noticed that bread garden was dressed up all halloween like and i figured that they must have one of those halloween noise makers rigged up to their front door.
how awful for the workers, i thought...
except just then, i saw where the noise was actually coming from.
a 5 year old boy was waiting for the bus with his mother and he was screaming bloody murder at the most perfect intervals...